new slot gambles games

New Slot Gamble Games

You will find several online casino slots which offer their own unique type of gamble game option. When you choose to take that optional bonus game you will be given the ability of trying to increase the value of any base game spun in winning combination formed.

The most commonly available gamble game option is one on which you will have to try and guess whether a playing card that is about to be dealt out to you will be red or black. Another type of gamble game option will see you having to guess the suit of a playing card that is about to be dealt out to you.

It is true to say that some of those gamble game options can be rather boring! Fortunately some of the more forward thinking online slot game designers have recently launched a brand new type of gamble game option. Below we will take a look at some of the more unique gamble games which can be found on a growing number of slot games.

Wheel Spinning Gamble GamesMicrogaming have a range of online casino slots on offer which are known as their Untamed Series of slots. These slots all have something known as the Your Gamble Feature, which is a simple wheel spinning based gamble game which is completely optional.

If you choose to take the gamble game then you then faced with a wheel type animation on which it is divided up into a win zone and a lose zone. You are able to increase the win zone segment and by doing so the odds offered to you will decrease. However, you are also given the ability of decreasing the size of the win segment and when you do so the winning odds associated with that segment of the wheel will increase.

You are then faced with setting the wheel spinning, and whichever segment of the wheel is spun in facing the win arrow is the one that is used to determine the outcome of the game. Obviously you will be hoping that the win segment is spun in and not the lose segment!

Head or Tails Gamble Games – Another new slot games gamble game option will see you first having to guess how a coin, once tossed will land. You can select either Heads or Tails and once the coins is tossed if you correctly predicted the side of the coin that lands facing upwards then you will double your gambled amounts winning payout.

Dice Throwing Gamble Games – You will find some newer online slot games will offer you a dice based gamble game. When you choose to take this game gamble option you will be tasked with simply predicting whether the three dice when thrown will add up to an even number or an odd number. By guessing correctly you will double the value of the amount of cash you wagered on that gamble game.

When you have opted to take the gamble game option on most slot games and have had an initial winning outcome on that game you will then be given the option of taking that gamble game option again. However, you will find you can only continue to gamble until you reach the maximum gamble limit attached to that slot game.

One word of advice if you do decide to take the gamble game option and that is not to get too greedy, for you may end up losing everything you originally won which is a quick way of decimating your casino account balance!

siberain slot slot machine

Siberian Storm Slot Machine

Among the most played slot machine games around the world, the Siberian storm slot machine is the most popular due to its MultiWay Xtra feature and the significant number of chances it offers the players to win. It is so far the IGT’s most successful video slot games.

This slot game is based on tigers and their unique features, it has five reels and it is available in the flash mode or the instant play mode. This makes it very compatible with most systems including Linux and Mac systems. There are over 720 ways through which a player can win. It is however, worth noting that one can only wager real money from the game by registering a real account and making a cash deposit at any of the sites powered by IGT.

You can place your wagers in Euros or US dollars. The minimum wager you can place is p50 and the maximum wager is £150. It is only possible to wager a single coin on a pay line. The highest jackpot offer s 1000 casino credits with the second being 400 casino credits. The slot game offers a cash payout of up to £ 250,000 which is the highest payout possible. The game is accessible freely in most IGT casino sites. It is possible to make real money by making cash wagers.

Graphics is what makes a slot machine unique and IGT has capitalized on that strength. The Siberian storm game has a superior quality that cannot be compared to other slot games in the market making it the top choice for most players as it leaves them fascinated.

The overall design is very easy to use with clear to follow instructions on how it is played. Information on symbols, bonuses and instructions is also very clear. The game has a clear screen with minimal graphics which allows the players a cool atmosphere where they can concentrate on the game. There is a strong music or sound effects that rhyme with the theme perfectly.

The tigers theme takes center stage in this game and all the symbols depict exactly that. The eight regular symbols that appear in the game include the green tiger claw, tiger eye pendant, canine tooth, purple tiger claw, white tiger, blue tiger claw, Siberian tiger and the logo of the Siberian Storm.

There are two scatter and one wild symbol in the Siberian storm. The wild white tiger is the wild symbol in this game and it appears only on 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. With a wild symbol you can form different combinations and win by making it a substitute of any of the regular symbols on the reel.

The scatter and the tiger’s eye are the two scatter symbols in the game. The scatter symbol appears scattered on the reels and it awards payouts. With at least three or more and a scatter symbol appears, then you can form a combination which will quality you for a win. The tiger’s eye activates your free spin bonus round as you play the game. You cannot use the wild symbol as a substitute for any of the scatter symbol in the Siberian storm.

The bonus spins form an integral part of any slot machine game. In the Siberian storm slot, free spins are awarded when a player hits five tiger eye symbols during a spin on any of the reels. A player may get up to eight free spins during one round.

Surprisingly the round can be re-activated for up to 240 free spins after which the normal game resumes when the free spins are over. What you win in the free spins is added up to your total win. The control buttons are however disabled during this round hence the player cannot use them.

wheel of fortune slots

Wheel of Fortune Slots

No player in the slots industry goes without having to mention Wheel of Fortune Slots. This is probably the most popular slots game as it is donned with many success games. It is a game that has brought lots of fortune both to the dozens of players who have tried their luck on the game and to the creator. IGT, the leading slots games producer, launched this slots game in 1996. This is an introduction that triggered huge waves in the gaming arena as it changed how peopled played the game and also the winning capacity in the games. Basically, it’s a game that completely revolutionized the gaming industry.

Though other games have been introduced in the casino, most of which have the same theme, this game has maintained its lead in the industry. It has remained to be many player’s favorite for years and this saw the introduction of the new version of the game. IGT have managed to maintain the game’s concept but made it fresh and this has enticed more and more players to try their hand in the game. The new improvements to each game series contribute to the desire to spin the game’s wheels over and over and this has been a major contribution to the huge number of players playing the game.

The Wheel of Fortune Slots has more than one version with the most recent version being the Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin. The machine used in land-based casinos has physical installations of 3 mechanical concentric wheels which provide the players with exciting chances to spin the three wheels. This is one of the features that will make any player want to play the game as it takes the gaming fun to another level. In this game, the fun is not only in the amounts that one stands to win but also in the nature of playing the game.

The slots machines come with 103 inch and 70 inch screens and a surround sound system in the slant top of the machine that provides the player with the stage effects. Depending on the machines’ version, it will have a 32 inch liquid crystal display screen at each of the play stations. These crowns the stage effects making the player feel in total control of the game. This visual appeal of the system incorporated in the game is very captivating especially due to the unique lighting effects around the gold trimmed wheels. This is not to mention the multi-play interface in the game where three different games can be played simultaneously at each of the play stations in the casino. This is a completely unique feature to the game and it is paired with the rapid reload feature which enables the player to spin the wheels to generate larger wins. This becomes the case when four symbols at the center of the wheel are unlocked.

An aspect of Wheel of Fortune Slots allows more than three scatter symbols, formation of miniature wheels and point generating spins. This feature along with the triple extreme feature in the game is quite unique. The triple extreme spin bonus in the game is activated when more than three of the bonus symbols appear of the reels. Immediately this happens, the player gets the feeling of being teleported to the actual game show by the amazing light and sound effects that emanate from the slot machine.

The game has three wheels which are blue, yellow and red. The blue and the red wheels display the credit awards in the game while the yellow wheel is the multiplier. While playing the game, the player will be confronted with many envelopes for him to choose the categories for the word puzzle. After picking one of the categories, the diamond pointers will then show the points on the blue and red wheels. Once the game pointers are in place, the wheels will begin to spin with the total values on the pointers determining the bonus awards. This continues with every round and the player gets to enjoy the fun and payout that comes with every spin.

rainbow riches slots

Rainbow Riches Slots

The gaming and gambling industry has seen major advancements in the past few decades. The conventional casino slots are now being edged out of the industry by the theme-based slot games. These are games that have gained lot of popularity among slot game lovers. This is mainly due to the fact that the games give the players an opportunity to play games which are not only enjoyable but also have high quality graphics. Among these theme-based games is Rainbow Riches Slots. This is a game that can readily be played in land-based casinos as well as in online casinos. It can as well be player either as a free version where the player needs not input any money to play and a paid for version where the play plays for real money and wins real money as well.

The game has several bonus rounds giving the player several winning opportunities whether they get to win huge amounts of money in terms of jackpots. The top payout on the game is $25,000 which is a considerably huge amount given the fact that a player can play several rounds and wins the jackpot in all. The game is based on Irish Culture which makes most of the symbols resemble the culture and traditions. The background of the game features a Celtic image. It’s an image of woven products with the colors used reflecting the lively Irish heritage. Though it has all these features, the interface of the game are extremely friendly and thus posses as no challenge to all users. Any user can comfortably maneuver in the game and even secure huge wins.


Rainbow Riches Slots has five slots and 10 pay lines. This allows the player to have several betting options. The betting range is also very friendly ranging from $0.01 to $5 on the 10 pay lines. This is a huge advantage to players who can place maximum wagers on every pay line and anticipate a win in all. If the outcomes favor the, they then reap handsome amounts from the game. The player’s winning chances are multiplied by the presence of bonus symbols in the game. Each of the bonus symbols has its bonus but the wins will be determined by the bets placed by the player.

The game’s major bonus features are Queen, Ace, Jack, King and 10. The appearance of these symbols on the screen along with Rainbow Riches logo and the Leprechauns gives the player a trio bonus. This is a bonus round where the player can win instant rewards. These rewards are credited to the player’s overall winnings. The more the bonus round, the more wins the player stands to win. More to the bonus trio is the Wishing Bell bonus round. When a player receives three or more wishing well icons, the wishing well bonus round is activated. The player is then given the option to choose from the icons appearing from the screen with every selection giving instant credits which are credited to the overall win.

In Rainbow Riches Slots, the leprechaun symbol on itself is very important. If the player happens to receive tree or more of these symbols, this will automatically activate the Road to Riches bonus round. This is a round where the player is required to spin a wheel which needs to cross a designated path. The player then receives multipliers with every successful spin. If the player happens to complete all the paths successfully, he then receives a whooping 500x multiplier. This is the best feature of the game as it allows one to win huge amounts while giving him torrents of fun. This is not to mention the $25,000 jackpot that awaits the player on a successful round in the game.

double bubble slots

Double Bubble Slots – An Introduction

Double Bubble Slots – An Introduction

One of the things that makes the whole history of slots so interesting is not just the huge variety of themes and styles that have been adapted over the years to make up slot machines, but the variety of bonus rounds that have been implemented over the years.

In fact, the move to the online world has allowed developers to get really creative with the bonus rounds, and with Double Bubble you can see just that.

Built on the foundations of the old school style of slots gaming, Double Bubble is one of the premier games out there in the medium-risk category of slots games. Double Bubble plays up on the usual style of old-school fruit machines with a rather simple design that is built to be more about the gameplay then the aesthetics, which is nice change!

It’s a truly enjoyable slots game that has all the usual features that you would be looking for, as well as having a nice habit of paying out more than some of its competitors out there. You can find Double Bubble on a variety of different online sites, which makes it even more accessible than some of the more traditional slot games that are exclusive to certain sites.

Double Bubble has the potential to pay out 20,000 x your steak, you just need to make sure that you hit the right parts and activate the bonus round, and you can make a large amount of money. With twenty paylines and prices as low as 1p per payline, you can really play for fun!

It’s a great game to experiment with and when you consider the rather charming learning curve, it’s certainly worth playing if you get involved in the style and the theme of it a little bit more – unless you are a chewing game hater, though, the theme should come across as nice and balanced. We found the most comprehensive double bubble guide to the game to be at so if you were interested in finding out more about this slot machines, then check out that site.

Double Bubble provides you with all of the usual rules, as well as an exciting bonus round. It even features the Wild symbol that popularises so many different online slots games. The Double Bubble sign itself is actually the key to the entire thing, and when you get the Wild appearing in a row you can benefit to a huge win. If you have always wanted to give Double Bubble a try, or you have only just read about it here for the first time, make sure that you give it a try – you won’t regret it.

Pharaoh’s fortune slot

Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot

The gaming experience keeps getting better every day with the international Game Technology IGT releasing a new slot game each season. The Pharaohs Fortune slot is one of the games that was released recently. It comes with a path breaking slot and it has numerous bonuses not to mention the outstanding themes. The game can now be accessed from most Vegas Casinos supporting the IGT games. This slot machine is a combination of excellent graphics and sound effects and it comes with exciting bonus features that give a breathtaking gaming and gambling environment.

The presentation of the pharaohs fortune takes the players back in time and it gives them an experience of the ancient Egypt culture with the ancient theme taking center stage. The use of wager works which is software that was acquired by IGT has made it possible to develop the game in a colorful yet pleasing design that has no distractions to the players as they enjoy the game. The graphics and the music blend in easily to create a smooth flow of the game creating an excellent environment that any player would desire to play in.


The game has five reels and ten pay lines and it is uniquely designed to play the song walk like an Egyptian only when the reel is spinning and no other time. The game has a brick wall background with the reels being guarded by men with masks and staff on both sides. The layout is very simple yet very clear and it has symbols that portray the images beautifully without cramming them with lots of color details.

Most players are attracted to a particular slot game depending on the features and the symbols it uses.  The number of online casino games has been increasing and players are looking out for quality. A good example is where the pharaoh’s fortune offers a set of symbols that bring out the Egyptian theme authentically.

The symbols in this game are the blue snake, red eye, owl, male and female pharaohs, blue animal and a horseman. The symbols have been projected which makes it easy for viewing them. The game as well includes a wild and a scatter symbol to make the game even more interesting to play. The wild is the logo of the pharaoh’s game and it resembles a pyramid. It is very significant as it helps the player come up with a combination that qualifies for a win by substituting with the other regular symbols.

The scatter in the game is a scarab beetle. The scatter does not have to appear in any given order to give payouts. When two or more scatters appear during the game anywhere on the reels, twice the payout of a combination is awarded. It is worth noting that in this game, the wild symbol cannot substitute for the scatter.

This game has enjoyed preference over the year due to its generosity when it comes to bonuses. The bonus round is activated when the first three reels of the game show the pharaohs symbol. There is a second screen that unlocks and it gives the player 3 free spins and a chance to choose one stone tablet from those that are offered. Each tablet has a different prize that the player wins when they chose it.

Some tablets have free spins others have multipliers. The player chooses the tablet, the free spins begin where there is a payout of winning combinations they are multiplied by 9. This slot game bonus is one of the most generous in bonus rounds today. Once the bonus round ends the game reverts.

dolphin cash slot

An Overview of Dolphin Cash Slot

Dolphin Cash slot is a video game which you can really enjoy to play during your leisure time. It features an underwater world and allows you to explore it while aiming for jackpot winnings. This is 5 reels with 30 pay-lines slot game that gives you the opportunity to explore the beauty of the water world and be able to encounter the funny creatures living in it. Playing Dolphin cash bonus also offers bonuses giving you a chance to win more such as the Free Spins, the Bonus game, and get the chance to win the $2,000,000 prize.

Dolphin Cash Slot features an animated graphics in 3D. Playing this slot game will surely make you relax with its imaginative sounds as well as its colorful symbols that will certainly bring you to the mysterious deep ocean’s world. You will be acquainted with the variety of marine species such as the seashells, snail shell, dolphins, beautiful corals, seagulls, and many more. While meeting these amazing sea creatures, you have the chance of getting the logo of the Dolphin cash with the card suits between ten and Ace.

Betting on this Dolphin Cash Logo allows you the value of true coins by selecting and playing it from $1 to $100. What makes this game more amazing is that you have the control in changing your bet for every pay-line. You can bet only $6 for all the pay-lines if you just want it for fun. But if you want to experience luxury and capable to place bigger bets, you have to reach the stake of $15,000 for every spin. This will enable you as player to reach the highest jackpot payout of $2,000,000 which is equivalent to 4,000 coins intended for 5 dolphins. You can also win second jackpot prize of $500,000 by betting 1,000 coins and aiming for the combination of 5 seagulls or 4 dolphins. The third jackpot prize is the combination of 5 seashells or it can also be 5 snail shells which will enable you to win $250,000 or 500 coins.

Dolphin is the wild symbol that will surely make your heart jolt once its combination appeared on the video screen. You have to catch this witty sea creature mammal on reel 5. While catching this lovable dolphin every spin allows you to get a wild symbol and create other winning combinations that will bring more coins to you. The only symbol that cannot be replaced by the wild dolphin is the Blue Moon as well as the Dolphin Cash Logo.

The Dolphin Cash Logo is the special scatter symbol that brings you more free spins and multipliers even if you have not collected any combos from the activated lines. You have to play it fast so that you will be able to catch the 3 to 5 Dolphin Cash Logos. There are 12 free spins at their 3 x multiplier that enables you to win more coins and make your leisure time more enjoyable and more fun.

ghost rider slot

Ghost Rider Slot

An Overview of Ghost Rider Slot

The Ghost Rider is an inspirational film and it all started when Johnny Blaze decided to sell his soul to the demon Mephistopheles. Because his father has a severe illness, he thinks that the best way to save his beloved father is to sell his soul to Mephistopheles. When he sells his soul to Mephistopheles, the devil man gives the young man a task to become his servant, and then he becomes the Ghost Rider. His job is to bring the evil souls that he finds on Earth back to the place where they belong which is hell. But when she finds again Roxanne and takes her back to his life, he realizes that he can back his life in a normal way if he defeats Mephistopheles and his son Blackheart.

The Ghost Rider is now on the online slot game. This game has an amazing special feature. This game has an interesting video introduction, where you can meet the Ghost Rider and the devil man Mephistopheles. To get the highest pay out, you must have 10,000 coins. But you can have a chance to earn lots of prizes if you in the progressive jackpot of the game. The symbol to get the maximum jackpot is Johnny Blaze. Players must open there eyes widely to see the wild symbol which is the ghost Rider. The flaming skull is the wild symbol of the game. If you want to avail spins for free just look for the Ghost Rider scatter. Three or more symbols on screen will give you 10x spin rounds for free. The exciting part of this game is when the Ghost Rider wild signs will expand if that so, the high chance of winning will not be impossible. Free spins will be activated many reactivate you’re free spins you must see three or more throws on the rollers. Players must be always aware of the Flaming Motorbike sign. This Flaming Motor will activate the bonus game. When the symbol appears in the middle part of the reel then, then it is a sign that the reel is already activated. When the five reels became activated, then extraordinary bonus game will then activated. It will give you a chance to help the Ghost Rider to hunt ghost in the bonus for Ghost Hunt game. The players will have the opportunity to earn high rewards if they help the Ghost Rider lot of times. In all there are 10 ghosts that the players need to if they don’t gather all the 10 ghosts then, at least 7 of them must be caught. The bonus for Ghost Hunt game will not be activated when you are playing the free spin rounds.

The Ghost Rider online games are one of the branded games that you will find at Playtech online casinos. The Ghost Rider slot game has also its progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot offers four tiers to all players. The progressive jackpot is always activated randomly though the players will have a high chance of making it activated when they place a high wagers.

tomb raider slot

An Overview of Tomb Raider Slot

An Overview of Tomb Raider Slot

Did you miss the Tomb Raider and also the protagonist of the movie? Lara Croft is the most popular character of the movie Tomb Raider, she became more popular when it became a video game. The arcade gamers feel the excitement in playing Tomb Raider. But now Tomb Raider game has now new version that is different from the video game which is the Tomb Raider Slot. If you want to practice the games in casino, Tomb Raider Slot is best for you; some call this the portable casino. In this game, you can go for hunting treasure and earn more points if you got the perfect combination

This is an online game and for sure you will enjoy playing this slot machine game. It also supported the android devices and iOS phones or iPhones. You can download it in Google Play Store for the android phones and to App Store for the iPhones.  To win the jackpot, you have to get the two symbol and above that dispersed anywhere on the five reel slot. The dispersed symbol makes it easier to win get the chance to own the jackpot in the slot. If you receive many Lara symbols, the slot machine will grant you 10 free consecutive spins. In addition, the entire jackpot price during the free spins will be pay as triple reward. There is also called the idol symbol, containing of three idol symbol on a payline will take you to the bonus game in which a you can win greater bonus and it is just waiting you to take it to your home

How To Play And Win The Mobile Slot Machine- Tomb Raider Slot

The five reels and almost fifteen paylines with a disperse symbol, a free spins which can take in the bonus game and also can be paid in triple, a wild symbol, and the great jackpot bonus game. These are most wish of the slot players to own.  You know what make this Tomb Raider Slot more interesting, it is because of the amazing graphics. To know more about the slot game here are some features,


  • It consists of seventy-five coin slot.
  • Five Reel
  • Twenty-five Payline
  • Tomb Raider Bonus
  • Free spins
  • Wild symbol
  • Scatter Symbol
  • With clear and great sound effect.
  • Factual money casino slot machine.
  • Have the chance to win for more than ten thousand coin virtual price.

It is important to have the five reel, twenty-five and seventy-five slot because it will take you to the awesome excitement casino action that provided of symbols which will bring you to get the jackpot price ten thousand virtual coins. This intense slots game has all pleasure of a factual money casino slot but it has no cost. Download the slot game and enjoy playing, it’s absolutely free. Play it without involving real money.

So what are you waiting for? Never waste your time and download now the Tomb Raider Slot and grab the opportunity to win the jackpot. You can also invite your friends to play the slot game and give their self the pleasure to play the casino game.

fantastic 4 slot

An Overview of The Fantastic Four Slot

The Fantastic Four is a superhero team. The four persons in this team have an unbelievable power. Reed has the ability to stretch his limbs and body, Johnny has the ability to fly and can overcome flame, Sue has the capability to become invisible and make impact resistant and Ben acquire the incredible toughness and strength. Their mission is to protect the Earth from its destroyer. Their first encounter was with Mole man who tried to destroy the power plant s but the enemy did not get what he tries to achieve. They become famous to the public, and then a lot of adventures follow. They become the most popular superhero who is willing to protect the nation to its dangerous creature.

Because of their popularity they become an inspiration to other people. They become one of the hottest games online named The Fantastic Four Slot. In this said game you have a chance to win prizes or play a bonus round. You can try this at home or in any place as long as you have this game on your mobile or gadget that you can use to play this exciting game.

The possible highest jackpot money that you can win in this game is $25,000. You can avail this in any Playtech casino software. Fantastic Four is a 5 reels progressive Marvel slot. This game slot is 20-pay lines that have also a 50 line versions. Players will love this slot game because it is inspired by the popular superhero group and it comprises 4 different kinds of progressive jackpots. The maximum coin is 25 and the maximum wages is about $25,000.

Containing the characters from the famous comic persons it also includes Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, DNA chains, Invisible Woman Human Torch and the last is Dr. Doom. For around 5 or more throws can give you a very high chance to receive as high as 200 games for free. In getting 5 wild images which is the Fantastic Four you can win a jackpot prize of 10,000 coins. The music in this game can give you lots of pleasure and enjoyment. This game has its own unique theme tune to become more adventurous than other game. This game is might not be in 3D but the video has a very good graphics that will like most.

The Bonus Features

Wild Symbols: you can substitute all the wild characters on this game except the scatter. This will lead you to your largest win in this slot game.

Scatter Symbol: the symbol of the scatter is the Fantastic Four slot logo. If more than three will appear to the screen you will have an opportunity to pick 5 different spins for free.

Mr. Fantastic: you can win 15 free games where all prizes are doubled if Mr. Fantastic will appear on reel 1, he will fill the all reel in a cute video that can give you an extra wins.

You can also have bonus spins in, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, The Thing and Dr. Doom. In this game will able to win a lot of prizes if you give a high bet.